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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Demotix - Blonde Curls

Pandemonia Blonde Curls at London Fashion Week 2011

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Pop artist Pandemonia showed off her Platinum blonde curls with a side sweep at London Fashion Week as she visited Fred Butler Spring/Summer 2012 collection presentation at Somerset House. United Kingdom. 18th September 2011

Fred ButtlerPandemonia at the Fred Butler show

The 7 foot tall plastic and latex pop artist, known as "Pandemonia", showed off her dynamic hairdo of a super sized beehive, that looks like a perfect ice cream cone from behind, and her stunning Platinum blonde curls at London Fashion Week 2011.

The secret recipe of its lustrous celebrity style bounce is supposed to be Helium.

Pandemonia chatting with Susie Bubble

The guest, who is hard to miss and provokes quite a reaction form the audience, has gone from London Fashion Week crasher to a celebrity guest in three seasons. Pop artist behind the concept made first public apperance as Pandemonia at Tracey Emin show at the White Cube in 2009. Identity behind the mask remains a secret as it is part of the concept. "We all hide behind masks of identity at some time; both in the real and the virtual world," - said Pandemonia in her interview by Stylist magazine.

Pandemonia changes her outfits and hair style from one show to another, but she always stays her very own celebrity - slim, tall, glossy, forever young and, of course, famous.

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom.