Street Photography

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ziad Ghanem SS 2012

After Shenzhen fashion fashion show, Pandemonia nipped into VFS media lounge to put her feet up and drink, Vita Coco coconut water of course.

There P met New York photographer Dennison Bertram , who had a quick snuggled up to Ms P pooch, before jetting off to Monti Carlo for glamours shoot on the Gucci yacht.

Rested, P scooped up her bag and hightailed it to Ziad Ghanem show, inspired by Polish film maker Matka Joanna.

Ziad Ghanem

The show was cinematic delight, from the opener, with young couple holding hands, that resembled extras from "Rocky Horror "cult movie.

The show then switched, to darker vamp side, with chic in black sheer chiffon dress with white veil, more in keeping with hammer horror.

Followed by equally macabre white face guy in high heels and red gloves, think Lindsey Kemp in black.

To a modern Pasolini Christ like figure, in black thorns crown, white lace top, half corset and jodhpur pants

In the middle of all this ballyhoo appeared a dainty young nymph, who came striding out straight from "Alice in Wonderland", who P discovered was Janet Younan, the designers favourite cousin.

Ziad Ghanem

Next Marnie Scarlet a saucy, Fellini gal in white latex balacalva, full white dress and red "splat" umbrella.

Jackson Pollock

David Lynch type in a micro mini dress with cross ruffle. An Issac Julian hunk, wrapped in what resembled a Jackson Pollock painting.

To a statuesque John Walters kinda women/performer in ankle length opium red silk satin dress

At the end of the show, Pandemonia jumped a cab for home, to wash her hair, ready for another day of fashion.

Photos/ copy: Stephen Mahoney