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Monday, 19 September 2011

Shenzhen fashion

Monday and Pandemonia plumbed for Margaret Thatcher blue and headed to see Shenzhen fashion show of 2 designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

星期一和Pandemonia plumbed撒切尔夫人蓝为首的深圳2设计师的时装秀在Vauxhall的时尚侦察员。

Pandemonia breezed into the show with product and Interior designer Rock Galpin.


Liu Xiaoming

Exchanged cards with Liu Xiaoming the Chinese Ambassador in the UK, Shen Yong Fang and Connie Wang delegates of the Shenzhen Garment Industry.


Seated, the show was a feast for the eyes, with designer Deng Hao debut in London of superb vibrant colour palette knitwear, inspired by regal Islamic Mosques and Chinese Temples.


Next up was designer Haiping Xie equally colourful kaleidoscope offer taking us through his vision of ancient times through to modern day life.


Post show, P was surrounded by cluster of female Shenzen fashion fans, who said Pandemonia should visit China, stating they'd love her there.
Now that's something to think about. I wonder who to approach.


Continued: After a brief rest Pandemonia goes to Ziad Ghanem SS 2012 fashion show

photos: Stephen Mahoney