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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fashion Monitor AW12Party

Pandemonia and Snowy braved the below freezing weather, in stunning outfits for the Fashion Monitor party. This gig was at Altitude 360% Black, situated on 28th floor of Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, SW1


On arrival, Pandemonia and Snowy were given a royal welcome by 55 Factory TV team Nick Thompson the Editor and Christophr George the Executive Producer.

These guys let it slip to P, that their forthcoming 55 magazine pages issue, will have spreads on artist/photographer David Lachapelle and his latest still's, that are totally different to any of David's previous work, another piece on post punk/art Rock band S.C.U.M and their latest escapades, plus a report on the Wynwood walls project & the street artists work, to name but few. Snowy, started counting the days when the 55 pages is out.

Talking over, the guys promptly ushered Pandemonia and Snowy into the lift, on exiting the elevator, P&S cast a wry eye over the black gleaming marble floors, the sight was enough to give any high heel wear concern, especially with the alcohol flowing like the Thames estuary.

Aizak Buyondo

Reclining against the wall, was fashion blogger Aizak Buyondo .

Aizak, P&S noted, is the lucky so and so, who's landed the brand ambassadors role for Fashion designer Nico Didonna, thus saving some of his coffers for cab fares home.

Sarah Angod

From one fashion bunny to another, this one was propping up the bar, jewellery designer Sarah Angod and her right hand team member Holly Cowan. Over a drink Sarah let be known she's designing a home wear lighting collection and showing her signature gems line a Premier Class in Paris and invited P&S to join her there. Nice idea P thought.

Emily Cater

With a vision of Paris and walks along the Saine in mind, P&S glided away from the bar, to chat with Fashion Monitors Fashion and Lifestyle Editor- Emily Cater and Shanina McLeod the Beauty Editor.

And with fashion week around the corner, Pandemonia and Snowy, asked the girls for a few a la mode tips. First to respond was Emily, who said, "this seasons must have's, are a big clutch bag and a large gold watch", and from Shanina "a red lipstick, it always makes you feel better".

Tania Golby

Armed with this new know how, Pandemonia, continued on her merry way, only to be accosted by Tania Golby from Push PR. Tania gushed "I'm one of your biggest fans". This type flattery always endears Snowy to the person.

Kate Bell

Pandemonia's next encounter was with a real living doll Ms Kate Bell and her chum Chimere Cisse .

Ms Bell as everyone knows, is the Commercial Director at Stardoll, the worlds largest online fashion dress up games community for girls, and Chimere is Hearst Magazines UK gorgeous PR guru.

The adorable Kate, it seams, is never out work mode, because Ms Bell spilled the beans, "that has now introduced real textile's and brands, so that their virtual fashion world has a touch of reality".

Pandemonia liked the sound of that, as did Snowy and both were wondering if they could join in the fun & maybe enter Stardoll world as themselves.

Now wouldn't that be entertaining for all the 124 million Stardall users.

Hannah White

Snowy's fidgeting, caused P to turn around, only to spy Hannah White, the Editor of Fashion Monitor, coming towards her. Hannah looked ethereal, in a floor length dusty pink crepe dress by Teatum Jones, on loan from Trace Publicity office.

A vision, P imagined, that it wouldn't look out of place in Madonna's latest ME movie, well done Mr Jones.

Prince Cassius

This dream was interrupted, when Snowy got a cuddle from the dashing Prince Cassius, togged up to the nines, in Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Yellow jacket from ASOS, trousers by Selected Homme and shoes from Dune.

PC told Pandemonia, "I've been busy as hell, what with writing my blog and doing pilots for TV". P&S wished PC well and are both looking forward to seeing the Prince on telly.

Portia Shaw

Turning to reach for a Nomad tasty morsel, Pandemonia and got spotted by Portia Shaw MD of POP-pr and Anne Lock of Stylist And The City website fame.

No sooner had Ms Shaw sidled up to P, Portia the consummate professional let rip, "I'm over the moon, this season I have 7 clients showing during LFW and 1 showing in Paris". As for Ms P Shaw fashion tip this season, it's all about hair and the bigger the better. This was music to Pandemonia ears.

P eye's were diverted, to admire the ozzie designer Charlie Brown, faux diamond encrusted 80's fingerless gloves, that Ms Lock was sporting, only to let out a sigh, knowing they were not a suitable accessory to wear with Pandemonias ensemble's.

Charlotte Woods

Next, P & S proceeded to take a quick shifty out the windows, at the panoramic view of London's prominent landmarks, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and The River Thames, all lit up at night. That done, Pandemonia met with Charlotte Woods, Bestsellers PR, and her intern Hatty Bell, both of whom P noticed, were flying their clients flag. Charlotte in Selected Femme dress with a Vero Moda black-jet knit on trend cardi and Hatty, who went hole hog and wore the dress & faux fur collared grey knitted jacket by Vero Moda.

Emily Fleuriot

Pandemonia joined Emily Fleuriot fashion editor and all round good egg taking a pew.

Once seated, Emily divulged to P, "I'm sporting a APC Madras, button through dress from Monica & joe online boutique". It was a sweet dress, but hardly one P would run out and buy.

Francesca Marotta

Though Pandemonia might have been tempted to buy a dress, from the next person she met, Fashion Designer Francesca Marotta.

Thats if Ms Marotta switched from finest textured silk to latex.

Not that Snowy could see that ever happening, when Sarah Darling stylist & fashion editor, pounced on Pandemonia and Snowy & coerced them to attend Francesca show on Friday, 17 Feb @ 2pm at Goldsmiths Hall, Foster Lane, EC2V 6BN

Martyn Roberts

As Pandemonia and Snowy were biding a fond farewell to Altitude London team, they backed into Martyn Roberts. Martyn is the founder and Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scout , and has become the Guardian Angel, for showcasing new emerging talent, during London Fashion and Paris weeks. And is especially kind to P&S & keeps a front row seat @ VFS for Pandemonia & Snowy, knowing S is one of the best behaved canines in the capital.

Huddle together in the cab on their way home, P&S were in agreement, that the Fashion Monitor party was definitely a glamours bash, where one went to be looked over and not over looked.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

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