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Monday, 20 February 2012

Vogue Italia's presentation, The Italian Cultural Institute

Extract from Pandemonia Front Row Report

By midday, the following day, Pandemonia and Snowy were in need of sustenance, so they rendezvoused with Cristina Polizzi, Shelley Pick and 55 TV crew at Cafe Bar, 136 Strand, WC2R 1HH. 


Nadja Solovieva

While sipping a cup of tea, P&S were pleasantly distracted by luxury fashion designer Nadja Solovieva. Nadja said "I'm delighted to find someone who as tall as me and snuggled up to P. 

Fortified, P&S made it to The Italian Cultural Institute, for Vogue Italia's presentation, of up-and-coming young professionals.

The first of this new breed of fashion designers exhibiting, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered, were Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna from the label "Come for Breakfast".  Their collection of separates for guys/girls, was in spiderweb lightweight knitwear, double wool crepe, silk organza and the prints-that were inspired by urban street life and billboards. Surrounded by all of these tactile, soft fabric's, Snowy wanted to immerse himself in them & have a snooze.


Over at the next show space was for Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, the faces behind Co|Te. For P&S, their tale, was of clean cuts, simple shapes, in sky blues, stark whites, vivid orange and dove grey and T&A sleeveless shirt dress with a ballon print, was lovely, but Pandemonia surmised this collection was more suited for Mediterranean cruise, than tramping Camden Town in A/W. 

Caterina Gatta

Pandemonia and Snowy were then drawn to the lively stand of Caterina Gatta, the Rome based designer. Caterina spends her days, sourcing vintage colourful designer fabric's from Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, etc and turns these redundant textiles into her fashion statement garments.  And what bold ones they were, almost as bold as Ms Gatta, who once she got he mitts on Snowy, she fell under his spell. 

Franca Sozzani

So much so, that Pandemonia had to prize Snowy away Ms G and then resume tagging along the trail of Director of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani. Franca looked equally surprised to find them there, since, at this moment in time, most of London's style figures were racing to the Burberry Prosum show.

Martine Hadida

From one fashion icon, to two of the best, and Pandemonia & Snowy favourite's, Martine Hadida and her daughter, owners of of l'eclaireur, one of the finest fashion/lifestyle store group's in Paris. After giving P&S a squeeze and air kiss, the Hadida's were off, like bats out of hell, to their next appointment. 

Hofit Golan

Another of P&S pals taking in the Italian show, was Israeli socialite Hofit Golan. Pandemonia was in deep conversation with Ms Golan and about to quiz her on what fabulous dress she was going to wear to Elton John's Oscar 2012 party.

P was interrupted, when Snowy got harmless bump, by "A-Lab label" model, as she forged her way through the assembled crowd, back to her stand and A-Lab designers Alessandro Biasi and Simona Betterelli.  

P&S thread was lost and they headed to see designer Nicholas Julitta. Old Nick, is known for his experiments, in morphing into coats, bomber jackets, clothing and knitwear items, made out of padded Nylon and polyester, wool and cotton, that he fades to black and orange, that Mr Julitta thinks, work like "organic" surface.  Snowy pulled away, when NJ eye fixed on his old dog collar, fearing might be commandeered and wind up in his next recycled collection.

As P&S ambled by Salar stand, the designers Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, who were captivated by Shelley Pick from the New York Fashion Calendar. Shelley was angling to purchase one of Salar luxury zip handbags, only duty called and Shelly had to give her American Express card a rest and hop it for next show.  

Carlo Presenti

Pandemonia & Snowy, found their amico, Carlo Presenti, Director of The Italian Cultural Institute, to thank him for todays invite and kiss T the LA/New York Model, before high tailing it back to VFS for Prose show

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