Street Photography

Monday, 20 February 2012

Lako Bukia

Extract from Pandemonia Front Row Report

Lako Bukia
Back again to VFS, for Lako Bukia show. This was homage to mono chrome set, added to which, the models hair was pulled through a 8cm high silver tubular head piece, so the runway resembled a startrek-all female crew. And for the gals evening gown, a breast plate that resembled a shattered-mirror, and a finale that ended with a firework explosion of silver foil squares, this jared poor Snowy's nervous.

Lako Bukia

Maurice Mullen

Luckily for Snowy, Maurice Mullen from Evening Standard and Elaine Mensah from Svelte-Emc were on hand comforted him.
Pandemonia felt it was all a bit to much for Snowy, on school night to, so took S home for early night rest.

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