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Friday, 17 February 2012

PPQ A/W 2012

Extract from Pandemonia Front Row Report

On route, in the courtyard P&S got hood winked into giving a sound bite to Fashion TV and then breezed inside.

Hilary Alexander

On the front row, Pandemonia was snapped and tweeted by Hilary Alexander from the Telegraph.

Lord Mayor

Followed up, by a quick how-do-you-do with the Lord Mayor of Westminster Susie Burbridge, proceeded by a quick chat with Jameela Jamil.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela divulged to P, I'm not only presenting on TV, I'm also working at BBC on the radio and enjoying that to".


Seated, PPQ show took a grown-up turn, with emphasis on 50's hollywood glamour, with their full length skirts, mid-length draped chiffon dresses that were cinched in at the waist on models with cascading tresses, a vision Pandemonia felt akin to.

Jo Wood

In the scrum to leave P chatted with Joe Wood and party princess Zoe Griffin. Jo let it slip, "I've worn her best a pair of leather trousers", the sight of all that leather, sent Snowy howling.

Joe Wood and party princess Zoe Griffin

Later, Pandemonia & Snowy joined Arieta Mujay and the rest of the River Island team for the launch of a brand new initiative FASH/ON FILM sponsored by River Island staged at foyer of BFC space. P&S hooked up Fiona Mcham and Catherine Hudsan from Junior magazine for a tipple.

Roberta Resta and Catherine Zangranodo

Time was speeding on and it P&S said their goodbye's, to Roberta Resta and her pal Catherine Zangranodo, to rush across to TRG for the rock show.

Outside in the shadows of the BFC ramp walkway, Pandemonia a Snowy literally stepped into a bunch of knee high punk infants. The sight of which gave Snowy cause for concern, until a relative of their's stepped up and asked to take picture of P&S with modern day brat pack.

Stacy Jackson

P&S hopped a cab to the The Roof Gardens for EMR performance. Where in the RG-VIP room Pandemonia caught up with singer/song writer Stacy Jackson to discover Stacey is releasing a new single "Is This Love" after her on whistle stop tour of the USA withThe Soushaker and eSquire remixes of 'Live it Up' ft collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Gabriella Ellis

From one hot gal to another, Made in Chelsea TV star, Gabriella Ellis. Snowy thought, Gab looked fully recovered from being dumped fellow star Ollie Locke and ready to take up a new challenge, could it be S mused, the new lumbering hunk of Hollyoaks TV series, the ex Neighbour's soap star Dan O'Connor, S says watch this space.

Dan O'Connor


An equally devilishly handsome singer/performer Angelo, used all his charms to coerce Pandemonia and Snowy to agree, to attend his act on Monday night at Freedom Bar, Soho.

Pandemonia and Snowy left Angelo for home, to check their email responses to P art work on "Pushing the Envelope" a charity auction between 12th and 22nd March 2012 to help raise money for the National Literacy Trust. And get some sleep, not wanting to have any bags under their eyes for rest of London Fashion Week shows.

After good nights rest and full of the joys of Spring, Pandemonia and Snowy made tracks for Bernard Chandran show....

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