Street Photography

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A day in Berlin

Saturday, after a hearty German breakfast Pandemonia and Snowy were fully fortified.
Looking out their window seeing the sun shining down,they decided it was ideal weather conditions for a city hike.
Pandemonia and Snowy got decked out in appropriate garb; Snowy in a chocolate brown collar; P a baby pink, light caramel and chocolate brown day dress, accessorised by a chocolate brown bag, Balenciaga sunglasses and a pair of Vivienne Westwood/ Melissa shoes. This was followed by obligatory Mirror check.

Pandemonia and Snowy then jumped a cab rendezvousing at the Galerie Kornfeld, Kunsthandel Fasanenstra├če 26, 10719 Berlin.

Snowy and Pandemonia waited patiently at the entrance to the gallery for Freddy to take them in and show them around.

Inside the gallery, Pandemonia and Snowy joined the visiting art enthusiasts and viewed the works of Hurbert Scheibl, Babylon, Thomas Paul all exhibiting.

During a silent moment when Pandemonia and Snowy paused to reflect on what they'd seen, Snowy realised late comers had mistaken them both as sculptures. How bizarre!

Outside the gallery while Pandemonia and Snowy scanned the street looking for their guide the actor Stephan Luca.

A cyclist stopped and said "you're beautiful, perfect in every way, so beautiful" Flattered Snowy stuck his nose out and was promptly met with tickle under his chin.

Pandemonia spotted Stephan and sped off in a 4x4 vehicle to the first of the Berlin landmarks - the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Saturday shoppers did a double take,as Snowy and Pandemonia sashayed by, arm in arm with their handsome city guide Stephan. Back in the car, on the way to the Brandenburg Gate, Stephan let it slip "I'm in a mini TV series The Crimson Field playing Anton Ehrlich"
Snowy decided when he gets home, he's going to iplayer and watch Stephan in action.

photo: Camilla Douraghy

At the Brandenburg Gate, Snowy was blow away not as you'd expect by the gate but at the sight of his new best friend Freddy Kornfeld. Freddy gave S a gentle squeeze while inviting Pandemonia and Snowy to accompany him to Gallery Weekend Berlin cocktail that night at the old Berlin Airport Tempelhof. P&S replied "we'd be delighted"

photo: Camilla Douraghy

Pandemonia and Snowy excused themselves when brother and sister act sidled up next to them, neither spoke English. However they mimed they wanted their picture taken with them and P&S obliged.

As they turned to leave, they were held up by Fatima and her charming girlfriends, all of whom wanted their picture taken together too. P&S felt compelled to do so.

photo: Camilla Douraghy

Moving away from the gate, Pandemonia and Snowy spotted Freddy's gallery car but were perplex as to where Freddy was!

No matter, the ever dependable Stephan was on hand and knowing P&S both have a natural attraction to towering beauties he whisked Pandemonia & Snowy to Fernsehturm the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe.

After Pandemonia and Snowy had seen the Fernsehturm, the rays of midday sun made them uncomfortable. In the square outside P&S, scanned the horizons for Stephan to escape the heat.

Unbeknownst to them Stephan was close by and intuitively sensed their plight & swept Snowy and Pandemonia off their feet and back to the airconditioned car.

photo: Camilla Douraghy

They traveled next to East Side Gallery - Berlin Wall and it was here Pandemonia and Snowy had a heart to heart with Stephan, and P&S discovered Stephan to be a real gentleman, open minded and with a love of life.

photo: Camilla Douraghy

Their confab was disrupted by an eager couple wanting to immortalise their visit to Berlin with a picture of Pandemonia, Snowy and the Wall.

This sparked off a crowd of onlookers and Pandemonia and Snowy's pals entered into the spirit of the moment, out came the mobile phones and cameras.

Snapping over, Pandemonia and Snowy did a final lap of the wall and then toddled off back to the hotel to freshen up for evening.

In their suite, Pandemonia and Snowy prepared for the evening's outing. P selected a cobalt blue dress, a pair of Estrelicia Melissa shoes, and Swarovski sunglasses & Snowy a matching collar for the night ahead.

In the hotel lobby their chaperon Freddy Kornfeld ushered Pandemonia and Snowy outside to the waiting cab, one that ferried them to Gallery Weekend Berlin cocktail at Tempelhof.

photo: Maxime Ballesteros for Purple Magazine

The cocktail party was heaving with 1.500 guests, including Gallery owners, artists, collectors, Journalists, and over a glass of bubbly Freddy extended the invite to come back to his apartment.
Snowy gave Pandemonia the nod, having been tipped off earlier by Mamuka Bliadze, Freddy's business partner, that he was expecting at least 30 other guests for light finger food super and drinks. They arrived back in the centre of Berlin, and found themselves in a swank art dealers apartment, and it was just as Mamuka said buzzing with warm friendly art lovers.

Towards the end of the night Snowy led the party pack for one last photo opportunity, then Pandemonia scooped up S, waved a fond farewell and thanking their hosts and guests for a wicked weekend in Berlin, they raced back to the hotel to pack in preparation for their am flight back to London.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney