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Thursday, 1 May 2014

April adventures

A 7pm shout at Hotel Cafe Royal for a guided tour by Dilou Haddou, The Hotel Cafe Royal, Club Operations Manager.

Yes folks the 5 star luxury hotel is going have a private members bar, one for the more creative discerning customer, and who better to fill those shoes than Pandemonia & Snowy a real pair of arts lovers.

During the tour, Pandemonia and Snowy only just managed to poke their heads around the door of the magnificent Grill rooms to be greeted by Linda Hugo & her boss John Calleija, of Calleija pink Diamonds.

John confessed "I'm paying a flying visit to London for a week and it's a real pleasure to meet you both" Snowy left yearning for a pink diamond collar, as they hit the stairway to the first floor.

Pandemonia and Snowy were then shown story boards and then the spaces on the first floor that will be transformed into this new watering hole. After all this thirsty work, they decamped to the Hotel's bar, where over a glass of bubbly and a still water for Snowy they met Anthony Lee. Anthony is the Hotel's GM who asked "how do you like the hotel" Pandemonia and Snowy nodded and replied "very much"

The follow night was taken up with a visiting Ryan Stanier, Director of Other Art Fair at the launch, Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Rd, underground space.

Here Pandemonia and Snowy paused on the industrial staircase and scanned the show, and marvelled at over 90 artists exhibiting their wares.

Then Pandemonia and Snowy descended to the main floor and were besieged by fellow artist Toni Gallagher and Martin Vintner-Jackson.

Toni said to P&S "you look amazing, can I have my pix with you" They obliged, then Pandemoina retrieved Snowy from Martin to see the exhibition.

As, Pandemonia and Snowy wandered into the show, they were held up again this time by exhibiting artist Claire Robinson. Claire Robinson Claire too, asked may I have my picture taken with P&S and they both consented and left wishing her well flogging her prints.

Pandemonia and Snowy eventually arrived at Nina Fowler stand. Nina took an immediate shine to Snowy and exploded with laughter. While Pandemonia cast an eagle eye over Nina's dark signature technique of Hollywood greatest stars imagery, frowned upon by some and loved by others in the art world.

Nina's exuberance brought executive Director Hi Sushi Events Geoffrey Leong's attention to the stand. Here, Geoffrey hooked up with his long lost pals Pandemonia & Snowy. And after a quick catch up about what P&S had been up to since the photographer Ellen Von Unwerth's Ellen von Unwerth
calendar launch bash. Geoffrey, then cajoled Pandemonia and Snowy into joining him and his team mate Gwen for some delicious sushi, at their make shift kitchen in the VIP area.

Pandemonia and Snowy had only just finished eating when Snowy turned & spotted designer David Courts.
For those Rock and Roll fans, David and Bill Hackett were the design duo who made the 1978 Keith Richard's iconic scull ring. Now-a-days Snowy discovered that David's rock days have been replaced by a wife and a teenage son.

Snowy's conversation came to an end when artist Bob Aldous fans pleaded with Pandemonia and Snowy to pose for pic with Bob on his stand. After being papped.

Pandemonia decided two late nights out in a row was a bit too much for Snowy, so P swooped up S and headed to the exit. They choose to stop, this time out of a concern for passionate art fan, blindfolded and with headphones and holding onto a length string. Snowy and Pandemonia felt it was their moral duty to wait and if necessary guide him passed the bollard. However, the guy managed on his own initiative and continued safely on his journey.

Pandemonia and Snowy took a deep breath and returned to task in hand - getting out only to be blocked by visiting Mixed Media Artist Michelle Deyna-Hayward and her blond hair chum Steph Harham. Steph & Michelle said to Pandemonia and Snowy "you two are fabulous, we have to start coming to London more often, we don't see the likes of you two in Colham, Cambridgeshire"

On that note, Pandemonia and Snowy thanked them, posed for their snap and eventually piled into a cab for home off for a spot of light bedtime reading.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney