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Friday, 2 May 2014

Claudia Chaseling - Gallery Kornfeld

Friday; Pandemonia and Snowy woke at the crack of dawn to finish packing their essential wardrobe before their flight to Berlin for Art Gallery Weekend.

Arriving in Berlin, the inclement weather didn't damp Pandemonia and Snowy's high spirits.
They dumped their belongings at the hotel suite and did a quick tour of some of the fifty galleries showing this weekend (incognito of course) and returned to the hotel to unpack and take a leisurely rest.

Later feeling refreshed, Pandemonia and Snowy went through their various outfits and selected a Chinese Persimmon orange ensemble, a pair of Melissa Estrelicia white coloured shoes and matchin gloves, and a pair of Diesel ochre framed sunglasses, after a satisfactory mirror check, they were ready to face the world.

The rain had stopped when Pandemonia and Snowy bundled into the taxi, heading for artist Claudia Chaseling's private view at the Gallery Kornfeld - grand opening of their new Projectspace at Fasanenstra├če 68.

Once inside the space, Pandemonia & Snowy got to meet Berlin's paparazzi first hand, followed by the Galerie Kornfeld co-owners Freddy Kornfeld and Mamuka Bliadze who stepped up to greet P&S.

Freddy and Mamuka were genial hosts and introduced Pandemonia and Snowy to one of their long standing friends -Peter Boragno and a newbie pal Savros Efremidis.

Peter confessed to Pandemonia "my profession is to organise cultural bashes, he went on to explain "I was called in to put this event together" whilst handing a glass of bubbly into Pandemonia.

That done, Mamuka introduced P&S to the artist of the night the talented Claudia Chaseling.

Claudia said she spent the previous night putting the final touches of the painted piece of work behind them, (a wall and floor space that measured 5.1816 meters long x 2.7 metes wide) and then introduced P&S to her partner, fellow artist Milovan Markovic. Snowy recognised Milovan, who's been described as the father of Transfiguration Painting and the Text Portrait by the art world.

The next person Snowy & Pandemonia encountered was Sophie Moos. Before Sophie clung to P, Snowys eye's popped at the sight of Sophie's fabulous diamond band ring on her right hand, one that wove its merry way up her finger.

From one eye-catching object to another, actor Stephan Luca. Stephan told Pandemonia "you're a spectacular vision of beauty and I'd love to drive you around the city tomorrow to show you the sights" P&S couldn't refuse such a kind offer. And agreed to meet the following day.

All dialogue ended with Stephan when Pandemona and Snowy were mobbed by 3 blonds, Julia Luca, Susanne Steinkraus, Christine Heinz. These girls were here to party and they wanted P&S to join them. "Later" was Pandemonia's reply, "I must see the show first". That said, the trio ran off to the bar, leaving P&S to their own devices.

Pandemonia & Snowy didn't get to take one step forward before being stopped by London ex model Belinda Wilson. Belinda was so taken by Pandemonia and Snowy and Claudia's artwork that she burst out saying "I've got go back to my hotel and get my camera" Off she went, scurrying back to get her lens.

Pandemonia & Snowy turned around and walked over to shifty another of Claundia's wall paintings, this one was as wide as a door and ran down the wall and half way across the floor.

It was Snowy who now interrupted Pandemonia's train of thought having sniffed out another canine in the vicinity. Pandemonia obliged Snowy by vacating the spot and turning his attention to dog in question and was pleasantly surprised to find the pedigree hound accompanied by Karsten Kiss, a Berlin photographer who tipped up with his soul-sister Antje Forgo from Licht & Linie. A doggy moment and a pix followed..

Pandemonia and Snowy were drawn to the gallery's right hand gal Hannah Linder, and Camilla Douraghy, Ingrid Manthe & Mamuka Bliadze obliged the gang with a quick snap, before P&S resumed their gallery tour.

Pandemonia and Snowy had another quiet interlude where they were able to get up close and inspect the details of one of Claudia's paintings on canvas.

Pandemonia and Snowy then turned to scan the intricacies of a larger triptych canvas landscape painting only to be asked to pose by a pap photographer.

This larger than life triptych canvas piece met with Snowy's approval. As they weaved their through the Projectspace labyrinth, passing the three separate lounge rooms with white cube tables and Philip Stark Clear Ghost chairs they eventually entered the designated dance area space.

There Pandemonia and Snowy caught up as promised with the blonds and their male party animal pals.
The DJ was pumping out Snowy's favourites vibes including "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and David Guetta's modern anthem "Lose Control".

Pandemonia hadn't realised the time, it had flown by so fast, it was almost Midnight and way passed Snowy's bedtime
P clasped Snowy closer and they ran the gauntlet of the exuberant guests heading for the exit before Snowy lost control too.

Pandemonia hopped a taxi, safely back at the Hotel and in their suite P tucked Snowy into bed and crawled away to leaf through the guide book on Berlin and ear mark locations for tomorrows excursion with Stephan and the crew.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney