Street Photography

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nick Ede. Style for Stroke

Pandemonia and Snowy opted for a brighter look for the launch party of Style for Stroke by Nick Ede and Little Mistress.The gig was held at number 5 Cavendish Square night club, W1.

Once over the doorstep, Nick Ede greeted Pandemonia and Snowy with a glass of bubbly, and then took off to do likewise the rest of his guests.

Leaving Pandemonia & Snowy, in centre stage, where they spotted, the gorgeous, Amal Fashanu weaving her way through the crowd. Amal caught up with P&S and said she too was here to support the charity.

As were Scott Young and his adorable squeeze- Noelle Reno. Pandemonia and Snowy discovered Noelle’s charms are equal to her good looks.

Zoe Griffin, with singer/songwriter Leo Ihenacho aka Leo the Lion, former Streets member announced that his days were numbered in the Uk, “I’m off to live in LA.” Snowy will be sure to miss Leo’s convivial company.

Joining Pandemonia and Snowy next, was David Walker Smith , Buying Director of Selfridges. David was so taken away by Snowy that he clasped him, tight, so tightly in fact that Snowy thought he was about to pop!

From one successful male to another, the debonair Benjamin Duncan. Ben was his effervescent self and invited Pandemonia & Snowy to party the following week. This was for his chum, Juan Jose Acevedo’s menswear fashion designer brand Eastclub launch. At Juan’s penthouse suite in east London.

From one fashion lovey, to the bag lady- Tabitha Somerset Webb. Tabitha's feet have not touched the ground, since teaming up with Dannii Minogue. Together they have created 'Project D' clothing line for gals and that sells. Though unlike her partner Dannii, Tabitha watched her step when leaving.

Fashion was in the air, as far as Mark Ashton founder and director of Little Mistress. He told Pandemonia and Snowy, "my design team are fervent P&S fans and can they be pictured next'. P&S obliged and Marks staff beamed with delight, when the saw Mark step up for his pix.

Finally after the speeches, Pandemonia and Snowy got to chat with all round performer Sinitta who won Snowy’s heart when Siniita revealed she'd come with her mum Miquel Brown. This statement triggered off Pandemonia's parental instincts, and P scooped up Snowy, to take him home and tuck him up in bed, before the witching hour.

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay