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Friday, 12 October 2012

Jimmy Choo's dinner for Rob Pruitt

Pandemonia and Snowy felt obliged to put their best foot forward when showing up at the Jimmy Choo & W Magazine private dinner, held in honour of American artist Rob Pruitt.

The party was being held at P's and Snowy's favourite stomping ground, Belgrave Square. At number 35, the interior resembled a 60's pop art installation, with its black-and-white sunray stripes and strip neon lights.

Pandemonia and Snowy exchanged a few well-chosen pleasantries with Pierre Denis, the former John Galliano SA general manager, who's taken on the mantel of CEO of Jimmy Choo. Pierre played the guarded man and a sober professional.

Over Pierre's shoulder was the forever-youthful Nick Rhodes, who showed the lads how he keeps his dashing looks—by simply finding himself a delicious piece of arm candy in the shape of Nefer Suvio. And hey presto, Dorian Gray, eat your heart out!

 Michael Stipe, American singer, lyricist, and visual artist, was proving to be a model citizen. When chatting with Pandemonia and Snowy, all three of us watched Billy Childish, the Chatham artist rebel. Billy, too, was on best behaviour, which is pretty strange for a guy who carved out a name for himself as an anarchist in art and music world.

Next in line were singer and songwriter Gavin Brown , New York model Mickalene Thomas, and Racquel Chevremont. Snowy gave them a nod and got a returned smile.

 And at the dinner, Pandemonia sat next to Caroline Issa, executive fashion director of quarterly Tank magazine. Caroline was another one minding her p's and q's with her magazine founder within ear shot.

Then, English actress Natalie Dormer took her seat, causing a bit of a stir amongst the guests. Snowy, who'd been driven wild with lust by her portrayal of Anne Boleyn in the Tudors, managed to raise some eyebrows as well. However, tonight Pandemonia noticed that Natalie acted more like the Virgin Queen.

Pandemonia led a parental example by scooping Snowy for early night, thus paving the way for other guests to show respect and not allow the night to drag on. And give the gallery founder David Maupin and his other half, W's editor in chief Stefano Tonchi—who's also cohosting the night—a respectable time so that they could both get back to their hotels like good parents should.
Copy Stephen Mahoney