Street Photography

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Steve Lazarides - Bedlam

The rain didn't dampen Pandemonia and Snowy’s endearing sense of ardour, rather they made sure they looked every bit the part for Steve Lazarides and Snow queen’s VIP view and dinner being held at the "Bedlam" exhibition, a showcase of 17 artists, in The Old Vic Tunnels, Station Approach Road, Waterloo.

Snowy stuck his nose through the black out curtains and felt apprehensive about entering. This fear died, when the lovely receptionist called her colleague to light the way with a torch. The location, P&S felt was; a perfect setting for artists to express their vision of Bedlam,as well as one that would be equally befitting as a Marquis de Sade playground.

After a wander, Pandemonia and Snowy found themselves in the VIP bar with Sophie Pasetti and Dee Vasali from Eleven11PR.

Dee got to work and thrusted a ‘Snowqueen Vodka cocktail’ in P's hand, while Sophia helped to maneuver Pandemonia and Snowy through the crowd so that they could sit next to, stylist to the stars, Sacha Lilic.

Sacha said, 'they are charming girls really, they've tipped me off about where we are dinning later - and it’s going to be fabulous darling'.

Pandemonia & Snowy went for a walkabout to the bar and, while doing so, they met Steve Lazarides, owner of Lazarides Gallery. When asked about his choice of venue, Steve explained, 'I'd joined forces with The Old Vic Tunnels this 3d and final time, because here our artists can show their larger pieces to full effect”.

Steve then proceeded to introduce exhibiting artist Antony Micallef, who led P&S towards one of his pieces, entitled “Blood on Head”. Pandemonia and Snowy looked on at the oil on linen painting whilst being enamoured by the artist’s remarks about their own look, “You look amazing!” Micallef, exclaimed!

Then, Pandemonia and Snowy joined the VIP conducted tour of the show with Steve in which he gave detailed explanations of the works and called up artist Tina Tsang, to talk people through her work. Tina took a brief second to say she was so glad to have met P&S, having seen the pair at London Fashion Week.

Another exhibiting artist Tobias Klien, told Pandemonia and Snowy his 'Ecstacy of St. Teresa' - which is made out of heavy duty fabric, laser cut aluminium sulphate and metal frame took him 6 days to grow!The result Snowy concluded was a pleasing medusa light form.

Moving on, Pandemonia and Snow met Atma, this Bordeaux lad showed P&S his two peices on display and explained why the “Bedlam Beat” made out of mobile phones and a mechanical pumping mechanism, that wouldn't look out of place in a Doctor Who sketch! Atma, remember it was Snowy gave you the idea first. Think about it?

Tour over, and P&S were ushered into a sectioned off area that could’ve resembled a Snow Queen’s palace dining room. Furnished, with its floor covered in white fabric to match the white table, chairs, table cloth and candles. On hand to greet Pandemonia and Snowy, was Gulnida Toichieva, President and owner of Snow Queen Vodka.

Seated, Pandemonia and Snowy feasted on a delicious array of Japanese cuisine with Tony Lewis, editor of Spashion and photographer/artist Jonathan Glynn-Smith, photographer on "Hi Suchi Events" - who, between mouthfuls proposed to do a shoot with P&S, saying 'they’re cool'.

Pandemonia and Snowy shifted to take a closer look at artist Conor Harrington’s 2 exhibits of oil spray paint and gold leaf on canvas, Fight Club and Who's World is This. And who better to sidled up & chat about them, than Ralph Taylor a director from Lazarides Gallery's. After explaining all, Ralph gave P&S his card and invited them to the gallery. Snowy thought that could be interesting.

Finally Pandmonia and Snowy grabbed their goodie bag and were about to leave when Tim Hulse, editor of British Airways Business Life, and his pal Kimberley Dewhirst intervened. Kimberley blurted out, “I'm a big fan and I'd love to have my picture with you.” Pandemonia and Snowy obliged and blew them all a kiss, before vanishing off into the night.

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay