Street Photography

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bruce French - 'Still Life'

Pandemonia could sense that Snowy was getting restless and wanting to get out, so P being ever the lovely owner, whisked him up and off they went to the Scream Gallery 27-28 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DH, for artist Bruce French’s private viewing of his collection entitled,"Still Life".

Still Life, Scream Gallery 26th Oct to 24th Nov 2012
Bruces new body of work depicts figurative forms reminiscent of Gary Hume’s minimalist works from the 1990s. Collaborating with the Royal Ballet and Ballet Basel, Bruce has reduced the human form through drawing and computer software to craft his currant compositions.


On arrival- nothing was still, Bruce French was like a cat on a hot tin roof, trying to greet the hordes of guests.

Bruce paused to say howdy do to Pandemonia and Snowy, before they got separated by swarm of people who were enamored by the work and equally enchanted by the free bar!

Pandemonia and Snowy got swept along in the crowds and found themselves in the company of Percy Parker, one of the design duo behind PPQ clothing brand. Percy was the perfect gentleman and thanked Pandemonia and Snowy for attending their show. Then Percy turned his attentions to comely Swedish model larisa klitsinari.

Taking in a drink at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy clocked the painting "Failure of Simultaneity" opposite, and on close inspection, P discovered Bruce had chosen similar colour ways to P's Spring Summer 2013 wardrobe.

Taking in the same painting was Storm Models’ Silje Vallevik. Though the beautiful Silje, eventually divulged to Pandemonia and Snowy, "I'm an artist myself'. And proceeded to flash images on her phone, some were self portraits of her when she's not modelling Dior in photo shoots for magazines.

Turning around, Pandemonia and Snowy met two gorgeous wenches- Marcelea Hudakova and Jennifer Hall. Marcelea, P&S found out, is yet another arty gal. She confessed, “I'm an illustrator, I did my BA at London College of Fashion”. She then proceeded to slip them her card.

Blondes, P&S noted, were in abundance tonight, what with Anne Cowie and her camera shy chum Rachel James standing next to them. Anna, who is the creative director for The Pixel Pusher, said 'I'm always on the look out for new imaginative visuals” to Pandemonia and Snowy, 'and you two are incredible' she added.

Conversation over, Pandemonia and Snowy's next chat was with Antonio Vinciguerra, ex model agency manager turned rock star advisor. Antonio was taken aback by P&S and admitted, 'I really think your incredible'.

As did 90's music industry heart throb Migi Drummond, the drummer from 'Curiosity Killed The Cat'. Migi, was using his prepossessing charms on Snowy to find out whether P&S were going to the after party at London’s hotspot Chinawhite. Pandemonia declared it was way past Snowy's bedtime so they'd give it a miss.

Back at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy struck up a conversation with the adorable Delila Black. Delila let be known, 'I'm singer, releasing new music in time for Christmas, with a mini tour to back up, and I'd love you both to come to one of my gigs”. Snowy, nodded with delight.

Scanning the room Pandemonia and Snowy knew there had to be photographers. And, there they were- Laurence Edney (Laroache Brothers) and Daniel O'meara, to name but few. Both these ex male models turned photographers, took a shine to P and S.

They weren't alone Mark Hiley, TV Chairman and producer, gave Pandemonia and Snowy an eloquent jester of approval. Then Mark disclosed, 'I'm getting to grips with being thrown in the deep end of London’s social world again, having returned from overseeing filming in remote obscure regions of third world countries in past few months'. Obviously, in those parts, vivacious models were in short supply concluded Pandemonia and Snowy.

Pandemonia and Snowy curled up in back of cab on their way home and wondered where meeting all these creative people will lead to?

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay