Street Photography

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day One, PPQ KTZ London Fashion Week SS 2013

Day One, Evening, London Fashion Week 2013. Pandemonia and Snowy made their way to the PPQ show, where they were ushered to their seats and sat next to beautiful BBC TV presenter Jameela Jamil.

The PPQ show was a mixture of psychedelic prints, solid-coloures, floaty chiffon dresses and all-in-ones, in a simple yet striking colour palette of scarlet, black, and vibrant green. Along with some black-and-white nautical stripes—a line, that Lady Penelope would have taken a shine to if Parker deposited it at her door.

After getting a snack for Snowy, P&S were off again. This time, they headed to the KTZ show at Courtyard Show Space, Somerset House.
Seated and snug, Pandemonia cozied up to their pal Chimere Cisse, PR from Hearst Publications, whilst Snowy could be seen in the adoring company of Fiorella Bellagotti.

While caressing Snowy, Fiorella let the cat out of the bag: "I'm no longer working with Book Mode, and I am here searching for stories for a new luxury Italian magazine." She added, "After seeing you both on Italian Vogue TV, I'd like to feature P&S in it."

The KTZ show opened with an antique-inspired lace story that was in virgin white, jet black and—to add some pazazz—florescent metallic green and sliver dresses.

The spectacle was enjoyed thoroughly by both Pandemonia and Snowy.

The next day... Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney