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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day One, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Nico Didonna, Christopher Ciccone,  Claudia Ligari, Massimo Casagrande, and Giulio
Mazzarini present…

Day One, London Fashion Week 2013. Snowy woke up excited in anticipation of London
Fashion Week, knowing Pandemonia had made him collars to match her new outfits.

It was P&S' first big event at the Italian Cultural Institute, for ModaitalianaLondon, and Pandemonia has chosen of the latest ensembles, including a turquoise wrap dress with contrasting white sleeves and belt, and fabulous blonde high hair that do with yellow highlights.

There, Carlo Presenti, director of the institute, told us that he had created and organised ModaitalianaLondon to bring together innovative Italian fashion and food.

He added that designer Nico Didonna was selected to launch the event with a fashion show on first floor of the institute.

Pandemonia and Snowy scaled the stairs and managed to snatch a comfortable vantage point to sit, from where they watched Nico's collection sail by on a bevy of females, from M&P models and First Model Management, punctuated every now and then by strapping lads in Nico's menswear. The show was accessorised by Christopher Ciccone's rubber footwear range and Bronzallure rose gold-plated jewellery and watches.

Post show, Pandemonia and Snowy chatted with Christopher Ciccone, who confessed that "Nico's show is my first global runway show."

P&S fluttered through the crowd to Norwegian fashion designer Nina Naustal, who said, "After seeing Nico's show in such a magnificent location, I now want do my own London runway show next season, instead of holding parties in my Walton Street store, and I want you both to be there"
Pandemonia and Snowy, of course, accepted her invitation immediately.

P&S then headed downstairs arm in arm with forensic accountant whizz Julia Wallace-Walker to explore the ground level that housed the work of six Italian creatives for the last three days.

Claudia Ligari and Carlotta Gherzi gave P&S a tour, with fashion designer Claudia explaining her minimalist approach to the women's collection and capsule of menswear.

Carlotta, the ever-talented designer, who, using her own signature prints, created My Love My  Leggings—a brand that includes products made out of the best-quality stretch fabrics and bursting with multiple colour variations. Pandemonia responded: "I love colour!"

P&S were handed over to the men of the hour: Massimo Casagrande and
Antonello Tedde.

Massimo walked them through his collection of crisp, white shirts for guys that consisted of
architecturally constructed shirts with simple graphic detailing outlined in grey or black.

Then, we approached Antonello, who fanned over his collection of luxury, ethical handbags that have been made out of yarns and dyes extracted from indigenous fauna and then manufactured using traditional looms in Sardinia.

Photographer Giulio Mazzarini and fashion designer Eva Cammarata were next to have the pleasure of P&S's company.

Snowy was more than impressed with Giulio's work, some of which has graced the chic pages of magazines such as Marie Claire, Vanity Fair Italia, Elle Italia. Today, however, Giulio's images spanned from fashion over to reportage.

Eva was on fine form as she explained the two-part story behind her upbeat and colourful
collection. One part is knitwear, exhibiting pictorial images, and the other is tailored garments. Both of
these two collections were pulled together using ethical, organic cotton and silk.

In the evening... Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney