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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day Three, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Pandemonia and Snowy found themselves in Westbury Hotel for the Luna Sky show. Taking in the show too was Golan Hofit from FashionTV, who gasped, "I've been rushed off my feet this season with so many places and shows to cover."

Post show, P&S met the designer Luna Sky and complemented her on the fabulous colours she'd chosen, before jumping in a cab for the Kristian Aadnevik show at Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall.

At the Athenaeum, Kristian showed that the ideal way to treat buyers, journalists and clients is to give them a large, opulent space indoors and lashings of champagne that flowed like water, thus alleviating the tension of waiting.
On the foot of the stairs, Pandemonia and Snowy met adorable Carol Arida.
Carol is one of the most discreet designer shoppers in London, but tonight she was absolutely captivated by Snowy.

Kristian's show, as always, stuck to what he does best: short, sexy body-con dresses that have just enough leather straps or fastening to give a playful note, to the silk chiffon in stark white, moss green and soft silver grey.

After the show, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered a lumbering Australian hunk, David, who wouldn't release his grip on P and let them go backstage … without a kiss.

Pandemonia obliged with a peck on the cheek and was released, only to be delayed further by P&S' chum Karen K. Karen asked, "Darling, did you see my shoes? I provided them for the show." "And what an exemplary match they were to KA's show!" replied Pandemonia.

Finally getting backstage, Pandemonia and Snowy thanked Kristian for a great show.

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Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney