Street Photography

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day Five, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Another day brought another showcase, and this time it was at Portico Show Space in Somerset House—this time for the Hub.

There, P&S got the inside info on the show from PR director of Blowpr Michael Salac, who said  that "the six Northern Portugal designers showing are part of the Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012 programme, one which shows emerging new talent in UK."

Michael and Pandemonia's conversation came to a stop when Gok Wan invaded the Hub with an army of young funky characters.

Two of which were TJ and PJ—this humorous couple spilt from their peers to get up close and personal with Pandemonia and Snowy.

And Snowy got his just-deserts from PJ, whom S recalled meeting at the shows in February.

And then, P&S were back on the pavement, heading for the Somerset House exit.
Pandemonia and Snowy encountered Lisa Wren taking a last-minute breather before turfing
everyone off site.

Lisa cajoled Pandemonia and Snowy to join her, back in the Courtyard Show space, to say hi to one of her young team mates Shandrae Samson, saying "Shandrae is a big fan of both of you."
P&S obeyed, and after a quick air kiss, they braved another attempt to go, only to be prevented and lulled back into the BFC lounge by Angelo A Frederico to meet Eddie Mullon, founder and CEO of Fashion GPS.

After two minutes meeting with Pandemonia and Snowy, Eddie fell under Snowy's spell and invited P&S to join them in New York at their next big fashion event.

At last, Pandemonia and Snowy excited London Fashion Week with their soulmates Pablo
Nichols from Toronto Friendly Stranger, Cristina Polizzi, Shelly Pick from Fashion Calendar in New York and P&S' confidant Stephen Mahoney.

P&S wished them all au revoir mon ami before jumping a cab for home to rest their weary
bodies and make themselves ready for next round of shenanigans.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney