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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day Two, London Fashion Week SS 2013

The next day, Pandemonia, wearing a gorgeous mint-green wrap dress, and Snowy took up another one of Carlo's invitations, this was for Oh My Corsets!' first UK fashion show.

During the pre-show cocktail party given by director Carlo, Pandemonia rubbed shoulders with Italy's football legend Marco Tedelli. Marco confessed, "I'm here to support my wife Laura Columbo." Later P&S forund out Laura is one of the design team members behind the brand. The brand is already selling to high-end boutiques, such as  L'eclaireur in Paris and Avanti in Ryad, and will be stocked at the new multi-brand store opening on Kings Road in London this October.

As soon as the Oh My Corset! show opened and corset dresses along with corsets began to swing by,
Pandemonia and Snowy could see, on close inspection, that the garments were made using the traditional craftsmanship methods, were brought bang up to date using modern high-techno fabrics, to produce tridimensional luxury clothing—teamed with leggings from My Love My Leggings, of course.

Afterwards, P&S had a chat with former fashion designer and now Cordon Bleu Chef Shelly Sahay, who disclosed, "I've just returned to the UK from Delhi," where her Elma's Bakery in Hauz Khas village is working well and she went on to say," and though I miss fashion, I'm glad to see elegant clothes in a glamorous environment."

From one fine lady to another, Pandemonia found a new best friend in M&P model Suzy, who saw eye to eye with P, that properly fitted clothing shows the body off to good effect.

Snowy's tummy began to rumble upon seeing TV chef extraordinaire Vincenzo Oliveri.
Vincenzo greeted Pandemonia  with a waistline hug before proceeding to invite the two to a
slap-up meal at his restaurant Fratelli La Bufala, located at 40 Shaftesbury Avenue.

Escaping Vincenzo's tender clutches, P&S found sanctuary and calm in the company of Caroline St George.
This stately lady enquired if P was going to the Kristian Aadnevik show, and Snowy, as ever the helpful companion, nodded in affirmation.

As P&S turned to leave, they encountered the adorable Caterina de Medici, who they discovered had flown in from Rome for the ModaitalianaLondon gig.

Caterina stated, "If ever you're planning to come to Rome, let me know; there'll always be a warm welcome at my place, Demicihouse, set in the heart of the capital."

Pandemonia and Snowy arrived at Goldsmiths Hall for the Ashley Isham show.There, they sat next to Inidra Cesarine, editor in chief of Untitled, a bimonthly magazine.

Inidra was pleased as Punch seeing her magazine's littering the front-row seats. As for the show, it was Ashley's best to date. With superb use of blending solid colours, print and silk jersey fabrics, he crafted a modern spin for the gals next spring and summer 2013.

LFW, Day three...
Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney