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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Art for sale. Macmillan De'longhi Art Auction

Macmillan De'longhi Art Auction 2012 Pandemonia and Snowy made a point of looking resplendent, to attend the De'longhi Art Auction in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, at Royal Collage of Art.

P&S weren't alone, the dynamic PR duo Evgeny Minchev Von Bul and Liz Brewer had stepped out in style too, to lend their support, and view the limited edition fine art print Pandemonia donated.

This print is one from a series, that will exhibited at P forthcoming show.

Looking hot and sassy too, was Amy Molyneaux in PPQ, sipping a De'Longhi Coffee Martinis.

From one sharp minded lady to another, Annie Kevans Artist. Anna provided female rebellious charm, to the event by wearing all black.

To someone who got plenty of air time at this event, X factor's contestant Brad Shackleton. Brad, Snowy conjectured, had scrubbed up well and tonight he had no cause to complain, nibbling on delicious Italian canapes.

Another pair, gave a certain gravitas to the event, were family team Jo and Leah Wood, looking more like sisters than mum and daughter. The good news for Jo is Leah has now quit Oz and returned back to the fold permanently, with her hubby. And the canny things have moved in with Jo, until they find a suitable home. And what kid in their right mind wouldn't.

Also taking in the art and lending her support to the event, was glamours fashion designer Nina Naustdal. Pandemonia and Snowy caught up with Nina while she perused the various art works on display.

Popping up the party was James Jessop the artist. James who's work draws influence from early New York Subway Art, was in his element rubbing shoulders with Snowy and Pandemoinia.

Keeping a beady eye on the whole proceedings was Peter Wilson the UK Olympic gold medal for shooting.

Snowy was constantly on edge and was having to be reassured by Paul Garbett sports reporter and Zoe Griffin, that Pete was an animal lover & had left his rifle at home.

Julia Palca Chairman of Macmillan Macmillan Cancer Support, was busy bee, doing sterling work, making sure all the guests were fed and watered, at this 6th De'longhi UK art auction event. Julia looked as pleased as punch upon discovering the event had raised just under £90,000.

Snowy and Panddemonia and thanked Nigel Wainwright, Managing Director of De'longhi UK, for a worthy night out and tried to hot foot it home to catch their favourite late night soap on telly.

Only to be curtailed by Sarah Ditty deputy editor of the Source Intelligence and freelance Fashion Editor. Went dotty over Snowy and his collar, so much so Pandemonia contemplated, manufacturing colourful animals collars, for pet lovers everywhere. Not wanting to be in the dog house, Pandemonia clasped Snowy and hightailed it home, to feed his mutt before settling down with the remote control.

The following afternoon Pandemonia and Snowy called the Macmillan events team to thank them for a splendid night, only to be informed by Macmillan team member, that behind the scenes, there was a frenzied bidding for P's print. It started on the day with a phone in reserve bid, this got gazumped and sold on the night to a higher bider, then that morning, another person called up, wanting to buy the print.

All this good news, confirmed that the world is ready for Pandemonia's show. So Snowy says 'watch this space'.

Photo: Cristina Polizzi. Copy: Stephen Mahoney. Sub Editor: Gayatri Sahay