Street Photography

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day Four, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Pandemonia and Snowy headed to Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall, for Fashion Shenzhen.

Pre-show, P&S left their seats to chinwag with Ms Shen Youngfang, president of Shenzhen Garment Industry Association. Ms Shen looked appropriate i a red suit festooned with diamonds from her butterfly broach to her three-strand necklace.

As Pandemonia and Snowy were exchanging pleasantries with Ms Shen, they were politely
interrupted by a lady in blue jacket with a companionm both of whom P&S had meet last season.

Shorly after, another couple of elegant girls, tipped up alongside of them and asking to be photographed with Pandemonia and Snowy.

This season show highlighted two brands: Aum and Mascot. Aum was loose-flowing, unstructured clothing in lightweight linens; jerseys and silks in muted raspberry, off white and bark wood; and asymmetric hemlines formulated by its creative director Michelle Shimin Yu.
Mascot remained loyal to the Chinese roots, however, embroidering flowers and dragons onto tropical turquoise, coral and canary-yellow silk fabrics.
Nevertheless, the dresses were more fitted and tailored to the body, and they were brought into 21st century with subtle details and open back or deeper bare shoulder, yet keeping a discreet line.

Post show, Pandemonia and Snowy got to meet Louis Hu, another fashion designer from
Shenzhen, who let it be known that he had customised his classic white Chairman Mao suit to fit his
svelte-like frame—a look that met with P&S approved.

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