Street Photography

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fashion Monitor SS 2012 party!

Pandemonia and Snowy all got all togged up in pink, for a pre london fashion week bash, put on by the Fashion Monitor. This was held at Skyloft by Altitude., Millbank Tower.

Upon exiting the elevator P & S spied Christopher, Nick and Joe from 55 factory team looking really dashing. Chris said he and the lads are gearing themselves up for another fun packed week at London Fashion Week. And one of their highlights of the week, will be seeing Pandemonia's new wardrobe. Snowy blushed.

Pandemonia took to the sofa, to adjust her Viv Westwood Melissa shoes.

Then it was back into party mood with Rachel McMonagle from Yes Saint Laurant and her chum Rhiannon Little. These gals were party animals knocking back the champagne Gout de Diamonds.

A bit to hard core for Snowy, who spotted Sharan Sunne and Erica Cohen from CCD PR. They confessed to P&S, "normally we're glamours and love dressing up, only tonight we came straight from work".

Another one of London social butterflies, that has had his wings clipped, was Prince Cassius . Pandemonia and Snowy were intrigued to find his eraserhead hairstyle defunked. Only to be told, "I lost a bet and the deal was I had to wear a hat for week, fortunately this is my last night". If only he'd met Snowy earlier, he had the perfect solution, a skullcap pinned to the top of his mane. Now Prince will know better, for the next time, so he won't go by unnoticed ever again.

From one handsome devil to another luscious creature Actress Sarah Alexandra Marks. Famed for her roles in "Pulp" Feature and "Yolo Therapy Shoot". Tonight she kept cool in a white American Apparel vest,a rather fetching pair of jeans and a pair of office shoes. Sarah nibbled on just enough Nomad Food & Design to keep her perfect shape.

Only to be jostled out by Roul Keil and Chad Martin chief of press and media at Schon! Magazine After a lads moment, Pandemonia and Snowy sidled up to Samantha Yandell from Off to Work Platinum

Samantha was doing a platinum job of enjoying herself. Knowing they both have heavy week ahead, Pandemonia and Snowy headed to the lift.

There, they were given fond farewell from up and coming musician Angela Ricci.

Back home Pandemonia and Snowy took to sorting out their new wardrobe, ready for action packed week ahead. Photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney